Starting with an A…


In the 20 th century carpets were no longer considered simply the product of manual labor In Europe. They were creations requiring creative and conceptual abilities. Non-European art, the tradition of nordic weaving as well as  contemporary art and the exploration of new materials could lead to an ironic and also playful approach like in this case:  Starting with an A this handwoven carpet  is made from lambswool and newspaper fitting to the theme:


Handwoven carpet by Leo Wollner


The Renaissance of Handwoven Carpets 


To weave carpets was - and in certain countries still is - a millennia old tradition. Carpets were natural part of day-to day life used not only for the floor, but also as walls and as doors. Last  but not least carpets were essential part as decor in private homes as well as public buildings. Today there is a  renaissance of the carpet - the hand-woven carpet that is. 

Leo and Gretl Wollner started their career in the 40-ies of the last century. They were influenced by the tradition of the Wiener Werkstätte, the famous Viennese art and design movement of the beginning 20th century. For the artists and designers of the Wiener Werkstätte carpets were integral part of the whole.

The Wollners continued the tradition of carpet hand-weaving for individual homes and spaces. At the same time they developed carpet design for the industrialised production.  For them it was essential to use their practical know-how and experience also for the industrial design in order  to master the industrial process in innovative ways.

Over six decades they continued to design and weave carpets. Each new carpet was first developed from a range of paintings. Below there is an example from 1991.  One carpet design was chosen from  a range of paintings concerning a specific theme.  As you can see the painting is not identical with the carpet below but one can definitely see that it derives from the same theme:


painting for a wallcarpet 1991

wall carpet 1991

Another example from  1992: A range  of black and white figures - from which one was chosen to be woven:

painted sketch 1992

wall carpet 1992

Most of the carpets have a logo with black and white squares.  The logo was created by Leo Wollner following  the tradition of the Wiener Werkstätte where each  artist had an  individual signature.